Ghost Kitchen for Rent

Ghost Kitchen for Rent

Different ghost kitchen concepts fit different needs.

Whatever your needs are, we can help you. Come check out or rent our ghost kitchen, or we can help you design and build one of the below options:

The restaurant kitchen

Your own individual brand with a single menu. With the same layout as a regular restaurant, minus the seating area and only offering food for delivery. The equipment is equivalent to a restaurant kitchen.

The shared kitchen

Several of your brands in one kitchen; combines the typical layout of two or three kitchens into one shared kitchen, with various multifunctional and conventional equipment shared between brands; no dining area. All brands belong to one company.

The flexible central kitchen

Central production kitchens to supply your satellites. Can also be perfect for supplying food trucks or other mobile solutions used only to serve food.

The lessor/KaaS (Kitchen as a Service)

Fitted-out, shared spaces designed so that each brand can complete its own kitchen. The only shared areas include the dishwashing station, storage, etc. Shared kitchen-prep space is sometimes provided.

The multifunctional service provider

A single operator runs multiple proprietary and independent brands in one shared kitchen with multiple production stations. Highest flexibility per location, best utilization of staff and equipment.