About Us

About Us

fantastic kitchen storefront

Fantastic Kitchen is an innovative concept created by Eddy Boroumand.

After many years in the food industry as a distributor of specialty juicing equipment under the name Fantastic Juice, Eddy recognized the need for a commercial kitchen space where he could introduce new ideas to the market.  Now, as a foodservice equipment dealer he has created his kitchen of the future to be centered around Rational’s advanced cooking equipment.  His concept has become an instant success with catering companies, restaurants, and start-ups and has proven to be invaluable to chefs from all qualifications that need to rent it for testing and tasting their ideas.

In today’s world, where people's eating habits have changed and good labor is becoming increasingly hard to find, this equipment could be a game changer for your kitchen.  It can reduce your labor, food, and utility costs by over 30% by providing better and more consistent results at the push of a button, so that less overhead and skill is needed.  Plus, these units even clean themselves!  Before you buy anything or lease any long-term space, we encourage you to come cook with us and see the results for yourself.

Contact us now to set up a demo appointment in our Fantastic Kitchen, where anything is possible.