Our All Electric Kitchen

Our All Electric Kitchen

Fantastic Kitchen & Juice cooks up healthy and delicious dishes in an all-electric, smart kitchen using sustainable cooking methods and biodegradable packaging that reduce our carbon footprint and help protect our delicate planet.

We use only the freshest, farm to fork ingredients that support local farmers and nourishes our bodies. By eliminating our dependence on gas cooking and switching to all-electric, we are reimagining food.

Welcome to the kitchen of the future. Welcome to Fantastic Kitchen & Juice.

Partnership with MOSAC

  • Fantastic Kitchen & Juice has partnered with MOSAC (Museum of Science and Curiosity) to open a café inside the museum that features an all-electric kitchen
  • The grand opening of this café plays a part in making Sacramento's community owned utility, SMUD'S zero carbon vision to fight climate come to life
  • SMUD believes in clean energy and carbon reduction. SMUD's goal is to reach zero carbon emissions in their power supply by 2030.
  • Smart kitchens get rid of the need for a gas line and the dependency on fossil fuels to power daily operations
  • Fantastic Kitchen & Juice has pledged to go zero carbon inside its kitchens this year in support of SMUD's goal. Together we are building the kitchen of the future
  • The future of cooking doesn’t just mean using fresh, farm-to-fork ingredients, it also means preparing those ingredients in an environmentally conscientious way in an all-electric kitchen that uses energy-efficient appliances
  • So join us in the cooking café of the future from Fantastic Kitchen & Juice –powered by SMUD and learn to not only eat smart but cook smart