About fantastic Juice

About fantastic Juice

With over 15 years of experience, our growth and success has been for one reason; our pursuit to deliver the highest level of service combined with the best products to our customers. We supply and service national grocery chain customers such as Whole Foods, California state grocery chains such as Gelsons and our small local farmers market customers such as Monterey Market. And no matter our customer or the size of their business, our attitude towards their success has been the same. We go out of our way to make sure they are happy and all of their needs are met.

Let us help you get on the right path to using the right juicing equipment and providing you with a one-stop solution for citrus, bottles, and after sale warranty support. The number one reason our customers feel comfortable with us is the fact that we have an incredible service set up to make sure they are always up and running.

So contact us and let's see how we can get you start making money right away by offering fresh juice to your customers.

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Our Mission

To create value and provide our customers with the state of art juicing concepts and equipment so they can meet the growing demand for fresh made to order juice and in turn help reduce waste to our local farmers.

Our Machines

  • Fast, quiet, and easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel construction with heavy duty gears and motor.
  • NSF and UL certified with a 1 year parts and labor warranty.
  • Easy to use. Just “plug and play” with a standard 3 plug 115v outlet.

Fantastic Financing Offer

Please call us at 855.373.7458 for additional details, on how you can lease any of our juicers over 12 months with no interest pricing.

Consultation & Training

When you purchase your juicers and accessories from Fantastic Juice , you can take advantage of our years of experience in the field and our friendly, on–site training. We offer FREE training and consultation on Citrus Juicers purchased through Fantastic Juice.

Juicer Demonstrations

Know everything before you buy. We would love the opportunity to show you any of our Juicers in action.  We can do video conference or for any business with more than 5 locations we can arrange on site demo.