What Is The Return On Investment?

Published October 1st, 2012 by Fantastic Kitchen LLC

On average, our CitroCasa juicers takes less than 4 months to pay for themselves. We have locations that have recovered their investment in one month. Many locations start at 10 cases a day, but we have seen some locations that have skyrocketed to a staggering 60 cases a day.

Think about it. A case of 113 count oranges produces approximately 226 oz of juice which translates to approximately:

  • 28 X 8 oz bottles
  • 18 X 12 oz bottles
  • 14 X 16 oz bottles
  • 7 X 32 oz bottles
  • 3 X 64 oz bottles

Most locations make an average profit of $2.25 per 12-16 oz bottle. At $20/case profit, you can realize a daily profit of $200 on just 10 cases. Contact us today to find out which CitroCasa fresh juice system is right for you.

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